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Ramer Products 12 Series Leak Test Connectors

12 Series

*Shown with optional reducer and quick connect

Series Features:

Ramseal® 12 series connectors are designed for a variety of leak testing or charging applications. The neoprene main seal & OD gripping collet provide leak free connections on copper, steel and aluminum tubes commonly used in HVAC components and systems.

  • Especially designed for helium leak testing
  • Contains no O-rings or quad-rings to be permeated by test media
  • Opposing force of collet and seal minimize tube distortion or damage
  • Vacuum to 10 microns


Repair Diagrams & Operating Instructions:

12 Series Reparts Products

  121-122            123-124               125

Model Maximum Pressure Min. Tube Length Inlet Port Tool OD Weight Flow
121-122 750 PSI - 53Kg/cm², 52 Bar .360" (9.1mm) 1/8" NPT 1.25" (32mm) 12 Oz (340 Grams) .09" (2mm)
123-124 350 PSI - 25Kg/cm², 24 Bar .460" (11.7mm) 1/8" NPT 1.62" (40mm) 15.8 Oz (449 Grams) .22" (6mm)
125 250 PSI - 18Kg/cm², 17 Ba .560" (14.2mm) 1/8" NPT 1.98" (50mm) 18.2 Oz (517 Grams) .22" (6mm)

A Closer Look


Tube Types

12 13 14 Tubes

Tube OD is the first consideration in determining the proper model of the 12 series tool. Using the chart below, select the Collet size closest to your tube "OD". The collet size is then used to determine the model number. Then find the seal nearest the tube ‘’ID’’. The seal and collet sizes then follow the model number to complete the tool description.